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Senior High Schools Email List & Mailing Addresses

Reach new prospects in high schools with our high school mailing lists

Fast facts about High Schoolers:

  • 92% of high schoolers from our high school directory visit Networking sites
  • 92% of high schoolers from our high school directory spend more than 8 hours per week surfing the web
  • High schoolers from our high school directory spend about 11 hours per week watching TV
  • 76% of High School girls from our high school directory buy new clothes every season
  • 58% of High Schoolers from our high school mailing list influence parental cell phone decisions
  • 44% high schoolers from our high school senior mailing list influence computer purchases
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K12 Lists has over 10,000,000 records of students in its high school email directory, segmented from grades 9 to 12. Research indicates that a full 32 percent of high school students have their own credit cards, or they are using their parent's cards. Our high school email list enables you to market various products and services such as clothing, computers, software, magazines, limousine services, scholarships and more. High schoolers are a spending force to be reckoned with, buying for themselves and influencing family purchases, definitely worthy of being marketed to. Our high school email addresses are updated every month, ensuring that you reach every high schooler you want to target your marketing efforts to.

Specifications of the mailing list:

  • Fields available are School name, Address, City, State, Zip, County, Telephone Number, Schools email addresses
  • Other details provided on request are High Grade Offered, Low Grade Offered, School Population Size, Number of teachers, Number of students, Total budget, etc.
  • Search for schools by county, postcode, age range, size, funding and specialism
  • Email list is available in XLS and Text formats

Benefits of buying Senior High Schools Mailing List:

  • Instant access to contact addresses of students, teachers, board members and top decision makers
  • Send campaigns via multiple channels ┬íV Phone, digital and direct mail
  • Save time and resources required to compile such exhaustive email lists in house
  • Get millions of quality contacts at affordable price
  • Reduce complaints and improve conversion rate
  • Focus on other business needs

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