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AAMC (Council of Teaching Hospitals)

As a non-profit organization, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is the authority involved in accreditation of teaching hospitals and medical schools. Get a Quote

AMA (American Medical Association)

Is the largest association of medical doctors in the US. A Medical School Affiliation means that there is a formal agreement between the medical school and the AMA, which is its sponsoring organization. Get a Quote

Business College

A college or university that conducts programs or provides instructions for specialization in the field of business Get a Quote

Catholic Superintendent Offices/Catholic Education Offices

Governing bodies of catholic schools in particular dioceses or archdioceses Get a Quote

Chancellor, Colleges and Universities

The chief executive of an educational institution who typically reports to a board of trustees; they are mainly responsible for daily operations of the college or university. Get a Quote

Church Superintendent Offices

Education offices or governing bodies of schools following a specific religious denomination in a particular geographic region Get a Quote


Colleges and universities are defined as education institutions that certify degrees to high school graduates or equivalent certificate holders Get a Quote

Dean, Colleges and Universities

A person of authority responsible for a college, university or a particular division Get a Quote

Director, Colleges and Universities

The chief executive of a university, college or school Get a Quote

President, Colleges and Universities

The highest ranking officer within a university, college or school Get a Quote

Technical College

A college that provides specialized education in the field of technology Get a Quote