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Catholic School Email List and Mailing Addresses

Education plays a very important role in everyone's life as a medium to acquire knowledge and develop skills. According to a recent U.S. study, almost 42% of students go to Catholic Schools in the USA and also 99% of Catholic School students graduate high school easily. The numbers are interesting enough to pique the attention of enthusiastic education sector marketers as a way to make their brands and services bigger and better. Since opportunities are in plenty, at K12 Lists we believe it to be a proactive marketing move for marketers to buy mailing lists of Catholic Schools in U.S.A. and be prepared to campaign effortlessly to leverage from current market opportunities.

The prospects in the education sector are tremendous. Every year millions of students enroll into schools,colleges and universities, making it worthwhile for marketers to make the right beginning by securing their campaign response with accurate education sector marketing lists.At K12 Lists we have the expertise and competence to collate data for education lists that will suit your niche requirements.

With the intention of improving audience response through targeted campaigns and reducing spam, email bounces, dropped calls etc. at K12 Lists we offer the Catholic School email database with details like:

  • Day and Boarding Schools
  • Type of institution - boys, girls or co-education
  • K-12 Grades (Grade 1 to high school)

When you purchase our Catholic School email directory you therefore make the smart choice of supporting your marketing initiatives with data on Catholic Schools by state, school size, curriculum, number of students, number of teachers, subject teachers, grade teachers, Administrative heads and more. Data after all drives contemporary b2b marketing - and by acquiring data on Catholic Schools from Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, California, New York, Utah, Texas, Wisconsin among other states, you are doing your campaigns a help by getting the list of best Catholic High Schools in America!

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Driving campaign success through personalization with our Email List of Catholic Schools in USA, Canada, Australia and more

At K12 Lists we recommend knowing and doing. So before you venture into purchasing our Catholic Institutes marketing database why not get to know a bit more about K12 education?

What is K-12 Education?

K-12 is the sum of primary and secondary education in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, India etc. It covers 13 years of education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 or Senior High School.

At K12 Lists we understand the pain points of our clients - we understand that while most marketers may have access to a list of independent Catholic schools in the U.S. there is little guarantee on the quality of the list. Data after all is dynamic and without timely cleansing and , there is little you can expect as performance! At K12 we therefore try to keep our lists cleansed and up-to-date so as to assure deliverables through online and offline channels. Data accuracy also increases chances of sending personalized campaigns for the sale and promotion of education products and services like stationery items, software etc. So, if you haven't already begun, then we suggest it's time for you to start campaigning with our validated.

Our social and tele-verified Catholic School emailing lists come with:

  • 45+ Data Points offered for each record
  • Best Customer Service and Marketing Solutions, with over 92% as repeat customers
  • Updated every 15 days through dual verification and validation process
  • Over 3.5 million contacts from K-12 sector in USA
  • All relevant marketing fields including name, mailing address, phone number, title, role and email address li>

So how about rolling out various multi-channel online and offline marketing campaigns? Make use of our effective Catholic Institutes contact lists and drive email marketing campaigns, tele marketing campaigns, direct mail and fax marketing campaigns!

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Why K12 Lists' Catholic Schools Mailing Database is the right choice for market growth and expansion

Catholic Schools aim to develop their students through theology, religious and secular lessons and the sacramental life of the Church. In terms of operation, the Church operates the largest non-government schooling system. At K12 Lists we want to assist our clients to leverage from this opportunity by using our list of Roman Catholic schools in the United States!

So if you are considering taking your brand international think different and use validated email addresses of Catholic Schools for all purposes of communications! In a market that is competitive and growing, there is little sense in limiting reach. So expand your client base and market presence with our lists! Contact us at K12 Lists for better correspondence with:

  • School Board Superintendents and Business Personnel
  • District Administrator, District Coordinator and District Supervisor
  • Director Curriculum, K-12
  • Special Education Coordinator
  • Principal, Vice Principal and Administrative Dean
  • Lead Grade Teachers (1st Grade - 12th Grade)
  • Grade Teachers (1st Grade - 12th Grade)
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Teacher Aide
  • K-12 Teachers (by Subject) and more

Business benefits of using our Catholic School mailing address lists:

  • Drive email, tele, fax and direct mail marketing campaigns for your products and services
  • Can conduct surveys, research targeting students, teaching and non-teaching staff and can also run contests, games, organize sports events and shows
  • Connect to customers who are spread across various geographical regions at your fingertips
  • Share industry information through blogs, newsletters and many more

At K12 Lists we seek to distinguish ourselves by offering customized education marketing lists. By referring to real-time sources like trade shows, school websites, online surveys, school directories, magazine subscription and academic journals, we believe we are being able to keep our clients happy and content with our lists!

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