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Private School Email List and Mailing Database

Private or independent schools are non-governmental, therefore free from the authoritative pressure of any local, state or national government administration. These schools do not follow the pre-determined national curriculum, rather they maintain their own sets of academic structure while training their students. Marketers from different sectors are planning to reach the private schools and their decision makers through b2b multichannel campaigns. But data forms the backbone of every marketing campaign. So, it is necessary for the marketers to purchase an authentic private schools email database first before starting with their campaigns.

At K12 Lists, we understand the how a business database can make a campaign successful. Therefore we stay very careful from the very beginning stage of developing our education databases. For example, while developing our private schools mailing list, we have collected data from authentic sources like school directories, trade fairs, opt-in email address, seminars and conferences, etc. Our database can offer you customized data on name, email address, phone number, location etc. of that can help you to reach administrators from-

  • Private Schools in the USA
  • Private Colleges in the US
  • Non-public Schools in the USA

Once they plan the campaign budget, many marketers think that there is no need to purchase new database when they already have an in-house one. But in-house database is neither completely up-to-date nor authentic. And you can never reach your target audience by addressing them through inaccurate or backdated data. At K12 Lists, we can offer you 100% accurate and authentic Public Schools Email List that can be relevant for your multichannel campaigns.

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Use our list of private school email addresses to generate maximum good leads

Speaking of multichannel campaigns, here is another misconception that needs to be clear as soon as possible. Single channel marketing is not effective enough to reach such vast network of your targeted customers. But you will need a strong back up of highly responsive private school email lists to strengthen your multichannel campaign foundation. At K12 Lists, we can offer you a private school email directory that you can effectively use for no matter how many email marketing, telemarketing and direct mail marketing campaigns you run.

What is K-12 Education?

K-12 is the sum of primary and secondary education in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, India etc. It covers 13 years of education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 or Senior High School.

If acquiring private school leads for your business is getting tough, try private school mailing database from K12 Lists. This database consists of contact details of students, teachers and others from private schools located in United States, Canada, Australia and other geographical markets. Use our database for augmenting your business revenue and generate maximum number of good leads.

Our Private Schools emailing lists accordingly come with:

  • 45+ Data Points offered for each record
  • Best Customer Service and Marketing Solutions, with over 92% as repeat customers
  • Updated every 15 days through dual verification and validation process
  • Over 3.5 million contacts from K-12 sector in USA
  • All relevant marketing fields including name, mailing address, phone number, title, role and email address

To have an excellent understanding in our marketing solutions and the quality of our database, get in touch with us now for a free sample and count of the Private Schools contact lists today!

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Improve brand visibility using our 100% authentic private schools mailing database

As private schools do not follow the national curriculum, they have their own distinctive education structures for their students. So marketers from different sectors, especially from book publishing companies are hugely targeting private school decision makers through their campaigns. Because they will be able to hugely increase their sales if they can successfully reach the private school board members and other decision makers. At K12 Lists, we can help these marketers to achieve their business goals. Because we can offer them can-spam compliant Private Schools email database from where they can get opt-in email addresses of their potential customers. If you are also an education marketer who are targeting the administrators from US private schools, purchase our database to reach-

  • School Board Superintendents and Business Personnel
  • District Administrator, District Coordinator and District Supervisor
  • Director Curriculum, K-12
  • Special Education Coordinator
  • Principal, Vice Principal and Administrative Dean
  • Lead Grade Teachers (1st Grade – 12th Grade)
  • Grade Teachers (1st Grade – 12th Grade)
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Teacher Aide
  • K-12 Teachers (by Subject) and more

Business benefits of using our Private School mailing address lists:

  • Drive email, tele, fax and direct mail marketing campaigns for your products and services
  • Can conduct surveys, research targeting students, teaching and non-teaching staff and can also run contests, games, organize sports events and shows
  • Connect to customers who are spread across various geographical regions at your fingertips
  • Share industry information through blogs, newsletters and many more

So, what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to take the smart step in your business ladder. Use our tele-verified email database of Private Schools in USA to keep your multichannel b2b campaigns niche based and enhance audience engagement.

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